How to Have an UNTOUCHABLE Confidence in Baseball

“Stop striking out.”

“Just be better.”

“Try harder.”

Has advice like this ever helped you? EVER?

Do you know what my number one problem is in baseball?

My number one problem is thinking too much. Thinking too much ruins confidence. Thankfully, confidence is something that I learned, and you can learn it too.

Here are two sports psychology tips that will give you untouchable confidence in baseball:

1. Harness the Power of Visualization

Close your eyes, and see yourself hitting the ball. Imagine the motion, feel your muscles engage, and visualize the desired outcome. Detailed visualizations in your head reinforce performance patterns. The more vivid and specific you can make your mental images, the better.

Visualize the trajectory of the ball, the exact point of contact, and the satisfaction of squaring up a ball right on the sweet spot. See different pitches in different locations, and see yourself driving them to all parts of the field. By immersing yourself in these mental simulations, you enhance your confidence and create a strong mental blueprint for success.

Taking mental reps will have an impact on physical reps. By engaging all your senses and creating vivid mental images of success, you build a reservoir of confidence that will carry over into game situations.

2. Develop Consistent Routines

Routines are not mere eyewash. Routines have real, lasting impacts on your game.

Develop a routine for when you step up to the plate. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, and stick with it. Get familiar with that routine.

When you have a routine, you build familiarity. Familiarity makes you feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable, that builds your confidence. When you are confident, you perform better.

Confidence is a Skill

Confidence in baseball does not come solely from natural talent. It is a skill that can be nurtured and developed through intentional practice and mental conditioning. By harnessing the power of visualization and establishing consistent routines, you can strengthen your confidence and improve your performance on the field.

When someone asks how you play with such unwavering confidence, you can tell them:

“RAC taught me.”


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