How to Play Fungo Golf

Everyone should know how to play fungo golf. If you don't, here's how in 4 quick stpes.

To begin, each player should have their own ball, and ideally, their own bat. If you didn't come prepared, the bat can be shared.  

Fungo golf is played much like regular golf.  Every hole has a "par" that each player is trying for.  Each hole is scored by "strokes" and the lower the score, the better.  

For example, if a hole is deemed a par 3, a score of 3 strokes would constitute a par, while 2 strokes would be a birdie, 4 strokes a bogey, etc. 

Step 1: Pick a target

Anything can be a target, but ideally the target should be a decent sized object like a scoreboard distance banner, or foul pole.  Feel free to get creative picking your targets.  The players should alternate picking targets to ensure a fair matchup

Step 2: Pick a par

The player picking the hole will determine the "par" of the hole, "Par 3" usually works best.  The par number should range between 3 and 5. 

Step 3: Swing

To swing, you throw the baseball in the air with one hand, then grab onto your bat and swing, as if you were throwing yourself batting practice.  

Step 4: Putt

When you're close to the target, it’s time to putt. For putting, instead of taking a swing, hold the baseball at the end of the bat, and toss it while pushing your bat upwards.

To see a visual demonstration, check out this video.

From here, we just pick a new target, and run it back. If someone asks how you know about fungo golf, you can tell them, “RAC taught me.”


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